About Us


The Charli & Molly Story

Our collars, leads and accessories are all handmade locally in Australia, with care and attention to detail.  We specialise in fun, unique styles that make a statement and suit all occasions from walking in the park, hanging with the family, going for coffee or a dinner party.

We started out to create stylish options for our fur kids and expand their wardrobe.  After all, if your best friend only has one accessory they can wear – then it should be something special and they should have several of them to choose from!

Meet the Canine Couture board.

Charli – Head of Design and Production (Co-Founder)

A sharp witted, svelte brown Kelpie with super model looks, she was named after Charlize Theron.  A devoted and loyal worker – good to have on the team.

  • Nickname – “Cha Cha” or “Sooky La La”
  • Favourite collar – Flamingo

Molly – Head of Sales (Co-Founder)

A resourceful and vocal contributor, the West Highland white looks great when first home from the groomer, but not after fossicking in the reserve.

  • Nickname – “The tissue” or “The West Highland Brown”
  • Favourite Collar – The Panther

Ivy – Executive Assistant 

A West Highland White that thinks she is a Kelpie.  Looks are deceiving and she is yet to be included in the circle of trust.  This one has a lot to learn.

  • Nickname – “Poison” or “the Rabbit”
  • Favourite Collar – Owls

We hope you enjoy your selections and they bring as much joy to you and your fur kid as we have had in hand selecting and making them.